20 May 2016 ~ Comments Off on PENTECOST 2016


Pentecost 2016
‘To Be or Not To Be’ – that is our question at Pentecost. Do we desire to be open and alert for the Spirit in our lives or do we chose to be closed and turn away. Small candles were lit as we commenced our service listening to Acts 2: 1-4 as it was read with the candles being placed on the Communion Table following our ‘Call to Worship’ :
Come, Holy Spirit! Inspire our hearts with your fiery presence.
Let your flame burn within us, stirring us to action.

Come, Holy Spirit! Energise our lives to work for God.

Let your wind of hope swirl around us, lifting and moving us forward.

Come, Holy Spirit! Pour your blessing on us.

Come, Holy Spirit, come!


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