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Podcast Sermon : Christian Discipleship = Jesus our master & model

Put Jesus Central and ONLY in our Lives. How?
Making Visible the Invisible Jesus

Sermon by Rev David Rathgen

Explanatory notes for ILLUSTRATION 37 referred to Martin Luther’s comment, “The Bible is the cradle that brings us Jesus of Nazareth.” This truth is reflected in ILLUSTRATION 40 where the figure of Jesus, the Servant King, is superimposed upon a symbol for the Bible. The Jesus revealed in the Bible is with and among us—forgiving, serving, guiding, and empowering us.

Jesus does not ask us to put Him first—but only. The word “first” quoted in Matthew 6:33 does not occur to parallel passage in Luke 12:31. Furthermore, in Matthew 4:10 Jesus says we are to worship God and serve Him only. In Mark 9:8 the disciples see “only” Jesus.

The Christian faith is not the most important part of life; it is life itself. Christians see all of life as a lived affair, lived in the presence of Jesus. Their one desire is to reflect Jesus’ servant mind and Owner in all they think, say, and do.

  • Dome: Christians live as informed and responsible citizens, helping to empower all to live together harmoniously at local, national, and international levels.
  • Diplomas: Christians develop their skills and abilities to serve others in meaningful, useful ways—in their work, studies, homes, etc.
  • Plate, knife, and fork: Christians eat healthfully in order to live usefully. They eat to live; they do not live to eat.
  • Family: The family is the basic unit of society. Parents influence their children enormously, whether they realize it or not. The Christian faith must be taught first and foremost, in the family circle by parents who equip themselves to know, share, and model the truths they embrace.
  • Dollar sign: Money is servanthood in a storable, transferable form. It is not wrong to have money. The question is: How did we get it and how are we using it?
  • Ball: People need to participate in leisure activities and intellectual pursuits so as to keep their bodies healthy and their minds alert.
  • Factory: Christians see daily work as a service opportunity to do useful things or produce needed products for the good of humanity.
  • Church building: According to the Bible, church is always a community of people—never a building. Nevertheless, Christians gather with other Christians in an “ecclesiastical facility” to worship God together and to help one another grow in faith and discipleship.

Sermon Notes and Diagram © Harry Wendt, Crossways International, 2005, Mn

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